After enjoying some 15+ wonderful years of life in the bicycle and outdoor industry, growing three businesses, consulting across the globe and participating in a sport I’ve loved all of my life, it’s time to hang up the wheels and focus on building businesses in a different context.

Everywhere I travel, people comment how lucky I am to live in Central Oregon as an exploding four-season outdoor sports mecca. Having had the opportunity to visit and live in many beautiful places, I tend to agree with them! During my time in the outdoor industry, one of the things I’ve most enjoyed is helping people realize their own dreams and ambitions and, as such, I’ll be collaborating with local businesses, government, and outdoor industry partners to help shape the future of outdoor and commercial development in Bend. From Enterprise Zones and tax incentives to finding existing and/or purpose built commercial real estate, I’ll be working with the Lowes Group to help more businesses – and their employees – find their home in Central Oregon.

Real estate to me isn’t just buying, selling and leasing houses and business properties, it’s working with individuals and organizations to solve the problems and challenges of relocating locally, nationally or internationally, and ultimately maximizing the potential for success across entire lifestyles, from the kitchen table to the boardroom. As a business leader, entrepreneur and a parent of middle and high school children, and one who has lived in several different countries across the globe, I feel uniquely qualified to guide and support those with similar aptitudes for commerce and adventure…and I truly believe Central Oregon has it all.

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