Jesse Blanchard

Growing up in Alaska and working in a ski town with interesting architecture and a constantly revolving real estate market gave Jesse the initial idea of being involved in real estate. As a two year resident ofBend, Jesse is jumping into the real estate business headfirst. The vast opportunities and potential in real estate were well recognized the moment he stepped foot on Oregon soil. Jesse grew up playing competitive hockey which taught him to have a great work ethic and strive towards his goals.He is also an avid snowmobiler, which having the Cascades so close to homewas one of the biggest reasons Bend drew him in. Jesse has many years of customer service experience through various outlets. Let Jesse put his skills to work for you.

Contact: Phone: 541-527-9107  
Office: 541-312-2113 
Fax: 541-388-8422
Lic: 201216078